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Starting in May, Image Lab will launch a new project called „Vracíme se: chceme uspět v práci a mít šťastný domov“ (translation: Let’s Get Back to Work:  We Want to Succeed at the Office AND Keep a Happy Home). The project will focus on helping parents wrapping up parental leave return to work and/or find a new job. The courses are free.


Southpaw Productions recently concluded an agreement with local company, Niche Events, to co-operate on activities in the field of events logistics, VIP hosting and events management. 


During October 2012 Southpaw Productions signed a contract to provide PR and media relations services for PayPal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


Czech smart phone users can also take part in this unique global research project

Rick Smolan, co-creator of the groundbreaking “Day in the Life” series and other globally crowdsourced projects, today launched a free mobile app for iOS and Android enabling people to share and compare their lives for seven days (September 26-October 2) using the sensors in their phones and by responding to thought-provoking questions with others around the globe about their dreams, interests and views on family, sleep, trust, sex and luck.


When: 20 September from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Where: Hotel Diplomat, Evropská 15, Prague 6

On Thursday, 20 September 2012, EMC Czech Republic will host EMC FORUM 2012 – TRANSFORM IT+BUSINESS+YOURSELF.  The aim of the event is to show why cloud computing and virtualization are key elements for modern, innovative IT and how businesses can use the value of Big Data to achieve growth. For further information and to register click here.

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